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DPS Energy Solutions

We work for you as your energy expert business partner.

What We Do

DPS is your trusted representative to the outside energy world. We work for you, we wear your company that and use the best of our ability and experience for you. Often we carry your business cards with our names on them so that energy suppliers/product suppliers know we represent you.

We are your energy department, understanding your business needs and how to best position energy to help your business. We turn energy from a source of complexity and pain into a real business tool for you and your company.


  1. DPS represents you as your energy department. We provide you world class expertise without absorbing your internal resources for core business
  2. DPS manages energy specialists for you
    1. Natural Gas purchasing
    2. Deregulated electricity purchasing
    3. Energy IT
    4. Controls
    5. Smart metering
    6. Retrofit contractors
  3. DPS provides Engineering testing service
    1. Prove/disprove emerging technologies
    2. Lab testing
    3. Evaluation of independent test results
    4. Protects you from theenergy snake oil sales organizations
  4. DPS provides expert bill analysis
    1. Rate analysis
    2. Options to reduce bill
    3. kW demand recommendations
    4. kWh reduction results
  5. DPS creates and manages Energy Programs
    1. Retrofit analysis
    2. ROI judgement
    3. Power Quality Programs
    4. UPS supply
    5. Surge protection

DPS Energy Costs

We work for you as your energy expert business partner.

What We Do

There's no complexity in working with us, no need for fancy contracts or other things that tie your hands. We work by a simple annual retainer paid on a monthly basis. If you're not happy with us, you can easily terminate us. We recognize that if we are not providing a value then you don't need us.

Our first meetings are at no charge- until we understand your business energy needs we will not ask for a retainer. Once we understand your needs we will propose an appropriate retainer amount that allows us to do our job at minimum cost to you. There are no hidden fees or other complexities; we're easy to work with.